Likhet, frihet og virtualitet or Vrijheid, Gelijkheid, Virtualiteid (depending)

In Norway the prices (Marlboro) fluctuate from 50 To 61 Kroners.
whole thing has provoked traffic from Norway - god knows why...

m0n0sp4c3: Norwegians are weird that's what
lizbek99: they have given me 3 different prices for the packet of marlboro
lizbek99: I find this quite troubling for the nipple
m0n0sp4c3: take the average maybe?
m0n0sp4c3: I could write a script to compute that :)
m0n0sp4c3: but it's expensive
lizbek99: how many?
m0n0sp4c3: you're talking major hard-core mainframe computing here...
lizbek99: something I couldn't begin to understand
m0n0sp4c3: better see what the state budget is...
lizbek99: this years or last years?
m0n0sp4c3: it's gonna eat into any surplus you may have
m0n0sp4c3: of course you could always do it on the back of a napkin
lizbek99: the calculations? surely not!
m0n0sp4c3: (value 1 + value 2 + value 3) / 3 or something in that vein
lizbek99: shall I shove it in?
m0n0sp4c3: or take the price submitted by the most prominent Norwegian that submitted it
m0n0sp4c3: but of course
lizbek99: ho would I know who's prominent or not
lizbek99: hold on
m0n0sp4c3: did you get the Syrian Lira and Swedish Krona too?
m0n0sp4c3: (you check their job title and annual income)
m0n0sp4c3: hmm
m0n0sp4c3: Tough one. Maybe a *special report* on the conflicting information coming out of Norway, plus a call for independent international observers is in order...


. . .