NTM 1 du 15 july 1998 (afternoon edition)

By Jupp, LIZBEK Revolutions
7 (10 or 15) July 1998 Part 2

DOWNTOWN LIZBEKISTAN-- As the Anniversary of Lizbekistan moved off the Pont des Arts and back to ORDINARY LIFE, seeping through the sinkhole of the Universe seems to be the only way to keep one's head above water.

While many Lizbeks prefer not to "seep," preferring rather to "sleep," there is precious little time to manage the new configurations necessary before THE YEAR 2000. As Eliot quipped, "I must prepare a face to meet the faces I shall meet." In a response to Eliot, Lizbek artist and stamp man,
Michel Hosszu

, has put on his Funny Faces/Autogrimaces on at Le Cercle Blue
(Espace d'art Contemporarain in METZ, FRANCE, yet another vacation spot for LIZBEKS. Metz, by the way is the home away from home for AT&T, which is "definitely going to buy TCI," the big cable company).

Hosszu, born under the sign of in October 1944 is often shaving his head because, he says, "he wants to look like his daughter, Seara, when she was born." Seara is now 17. "Well anyway, it allows me to wear all sorts of hats." Hats off to Hosszu (www.mheditions.com). The Hungarian born Frenchman who was once almost arrested for his fake Warhol stamps and is now promoting his Fake (and beautiful) World Cup 1998 stamps
made 500 of these babies. The Exhibit which shows his silkscreened self-portrait with Lizbek and non-Lizbek artist additions (some make his orb-like cranium a bomb, others Minnie Mouse , sometimes in drag, sometimes as an English Football Hooligan and yet another as a softboiled egg, are quite "swell."

If you can't make this show which runs until the end of Juillet, call up the museum (11, Place de la cathedrale 57000 Metz; and say you'd like more information. Tell them the Princess sent you.

La Bourse: 10 Francs A Beer!
Post card artist, Frederic Balourdet, who bragged his Mother lives in Lizbekistan, is getting ready for a big hoo-ha, La Bourse Contempouienne de Saint-Maur on the 10th of July at 19:00 at Café Les Neuf Billards (179, rue Saint-Maur 75010 Paris) where he will show off his latest provocative cards and artist books. Info: Balourdet affirms that many of the cards will feature: SEX. "Some are free, and others, of course, you have to pay for," the man said. "Like always." The show features beer at 10 Francs a Verre.


Air Lizbekistan, the national airlines with a single plane, but lots of room inside, and FREE CHAMPAGNE, has launched a new advertising campaign with the tagline: fly . The multi-media campaign revolves around the image of a Jet Fighter created by ADMAN, Simon Szybist, who "wants to be a fighter pilot one day." The Princess was of course the first to fly on the new plane. As she was gliding over Downtown Lizbekistan it's citizens looked up and said,

"It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's a cartoon drawing by a six year old."

To be continued......


. . .