1.........................S.A.R.L. plans to address the nation dimanche le 16 août sur France Info - 105.5 - nous savons pas encore à quel heure so we'll just have to stay tuned. The interview was conducted with M. J Colombain (foreign press corps) au residence d'été de S.A.R.L.
This follows up a telephone interview which was conducted from SARL's chambers at the Embassy with fun radio announcer Laurent B. he announced to S.A.R.L. during the flash that a

ha ha

had been established with their site
which we should apparently all be very delighted about.

This after a fairly brief discussion about
the usual

a.politique d'ouverture,

the high number of

b.immigrés & foreigners ...

c. The up and coming on 9-9-1998
passeports !
carte de séjours !
cartes de residences !
naturalisations !

d. les chéquiers !
that we've all been waiting for,
but most importantly

e. other entirely new forms of red tape: see RED TAPE KIT

a. tax exemption forms

b. dispense de paiement de contraventions de stationnement

c. diplomatic immunity cards and a clean up policy which should attract thousands...

2 Is it...........the arrival of.......... Skeeter


almost a year ago
or the arrival of the LIFESTYLE KIT


That declenched the inordinate interest expressed by the foreign press in our mode de vie and customs

such as

Jèrôme Colombain de France Info


Jèrôme Dion à FG 98.2 FM

Sylvie de Radio Nostalgie 90.4

Alexandra Kazan de Paris Première qui donne notre pays 5 au Top ou Flop

Jay Lenno du Jay Lenno Show



Marie Claire Maison

Madame Figaro

Depeche Mode

Le Point

Ca M'Interesse


La Télé Suisse Romande



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