A Normal Day at the Office for SARL

Photo of SARL taken at 9h11 a little after her arrival at the 2nd Anniversary of the Foundation of Lizbekistan.

It's been a busy busy year here at the embassy. In fact so much so we haven't been able to mention the trip to Maine (not far from Madawaska of which he'll more later) where some of us relaxed this summer.

The view was fantastic, but the main event was the customs in the USA, Canada and France where the Princess had her spanking new passport stamped by all sorts of authorities.

The main theme here is still passports and dipliomatic relations. Lizbeks have been jetting into pick up there passports from various locations on the globe.

SES the Queen Mother and the Minister for Peace and Quiet GEO have gone back fully equipped to Melbourne Australia with their brand new passports plus three LIFESTYLE KITS.

SES and GEO at CDG airport shortly before their flight back

Mister Francis Thomas from the Sultanat of Oman where he is currently engaged by Shell to make the earth move started his request like this :

Je viens de faire ma demande de passeport en fill-in the form ... je me
demande si elle est arrivee ??

apres le tons monte

J'attends toujours mon passeport !
dois-je m'auto-proclamer chef du gouvernement provisoire de liberation republicaine exile en Oman ?

Je ne sais pas ce qui me retient

A short while later a quick call with the net-phone assured this man the little red book with 32 pages and silver writing. A travel asset you don't leave at home.

Reception du passeport au restaurant du 14è le Cantal dans le Prés

There are a lot of crazy people out there and some of them seem attracted to Lizbekistan for reasons beyond our comprehension.

Dusan from NSK tapping out the Princess's passport..

Two members of the group Irwin from the NSK State met with SARL at the Paris art fair FIAC last week where an official exchange of diplomatic passports was performed. The Princess then invited them to dinner at the Winter Palace where she convoked a number of state dignitaries.

Colin Peck the Grand Vizir and Sonia the Minister for Bribery and Extorsion (recently knighted) were among those present

She had difficulty understanding the absence of the two NSK state members at the said occasion although when later she found the state seal (Lizbek) in the back of a truck heading for Ljubljana, known by some as Laibach, she understood the snub. But should she keep the passport? That's the question. The passport is of high quality but boring colour as government members of NSK state seem to have rather close dealings with the Slovenian Minister for the Interior.

The NSK diplomatic passport.

Mister Rob Thompson from Windang, Australia

Honorary Consul for the Legendary Republic of Madawaska

sent us this letter..

As the New South Wales Honorary Consul for the Legendary republic of Madawaska, here in Windang, I wish to offer my services to your esteemed Majesty and the peoples and government of Lizbekistan and become Lizbekistan's Honorary Consul for the State of New South Wales in Australia. As Honorary Consul for the Legendary Republic of Madawaska, I feel I have the necessary gravitas, panache and connections to be able to offer the Princess and Lizbekistan, the qualities you may be considering in an Honorary Consul.

Respectfully yours,


The Diplomatic Agreement signed by Mister Thompson with Lizbekistan the 13/10/98

Madawaska's Crest

Madawaska's Arms

More about Madawaska...

We now await the arrival of Mister Marsh the Minister for Now who has booked on Lizbek Undersea (Lizbek Airlines doesn't handle the London - Paris leg) for arrival at the Phare du Nord 17.56 Friday. His passport has been sent to him to avoid all that splashing about on remote beaches at night.

See the Now Policy Statement...

The End